Rethinking ROI: The Unforeseen Benefits

Telemedicine for Long Term Care

Telemedicine in LTC provides far more than a better relationship with your ACO…

Unforeseen Benefits:

Increased Confidence Among Nursing Staff
Your nursing staff will benefit from direct engagement with providers. This results in boosted confidence, increased assessment skills, and a wider ability to treat in place.

Better & More Engaged Family Relationships
iDocsWeb Family allows family members to join loved ones during telemedicine sessions. This direct engagement enhances family relationships and further reduces unneeded hospitalizations.

Managed Care Partners/Referral Sources
Your relationships with both your managed care partners as well as your referral sources will improve.

Transportation Costs/Cross Infection Risks
Save money and reduce cross infection risks for your residents. Treatment in place and access to our Specialist Network reduce the need for resident transportation.

iDocsWeb Telemedicine for LTC Use

Prevent Problems BEFORE It’s Too Late
Part of the value provided by telemedicine is prevention power. Through timely access to providers, iDocsWeb users have reported a decline in conditions requiring hospitalization.


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The iDocsWeb blog team is comprised of practicing physicians, LTC consultants, and medical writers.

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